Create An Incredible Client Experience

Without Starting Over

Each Time You Get A Client

Your next client experience can be smooth and streamlined from start to finish...

I want this!

The Client Onboarding Made Easy System is a done-for-you system...

With access to a step-by-step workflow to client onboarding, client management and offboarding, you never have to worry about:

  • Missing a step in the delivery of your client experience
  • Sending a string of communication emails (because you’re remembering your process as you go) to your client
  • Reinventing the wheel again with each new client

Mary helped me to recruit and onboard a great team. She streamlined the workflow for my HR department, initiated my Quality Assurance process, and so much more. She is my go to person for business operations and processes.

— Lillian Knox, CEO

When it comes to serving your clients, you’re able to help them get RESULTS with your services.

But the problem is you don’t have a simple repeatable workflow to consistently manage new clients. This can be frustrating for you and your clients. You know that your customers want more than a service they also want to feel noticed and taken care of in the ultimate client experience. 

Here's what no one is telling you! General marketing and business programs have their place–I've taken some and so glad that I did. Sometimes you just need the missing piece of the puzzle (systems and operations) and not another full blown 6 month general business program.

You're ready for someone to just give you a play by play system so that you can delight your ideal customer as you deliver your services.

Can you relate? 

  • You’re a service provider who lands a new client (and after celebrating), you start (re)creating your client experience from scratch. 
  • Important details are being forgotten and you’re sending multiple emails to try to piece your onboarding process together. 
  • You know your clients need your service (they even rave about it) but very few seem to be repeat customers.

What if you could onboard, manage, and offboard your clients with ease?

Over the past decade, I’ve implemented and developed processes and workflows for myself and other business owners...

–and I know one thing is true...

Your business will struggle to grow without repeatable systems in place. 

The easiest customers to gain are the customers that have already purchased from you. Your clients want and expect a smooth client experience (as well as your expertise). 

There is a way to implement a structure perfect for you so that you can consistently provide an amazing experience for your existing and future clients.  

So I'm making my systems available for you…

Hey, I'm Mary Stewart.

I'm a nurse practitioner turned operations strategist who helps CEOs and small business owners grow their biz and lead better teams through processes and data driven results. I thrive on systems and efficiency and I’m convinced that no business can continue to grow without effective processes.

All businesses have systems. Deciding to have systems that work in your business and actually getting help is a strategic move.

I honed in on my love for systems for years as a nurse practitioner and leveraged those critical components in my business. 

Now, I work with clients to help them implement better day to day operations and processes in their business.

How would it be for your business to finally have a client management system that runs like a well oiled machine? 


Client Onboarding Made Easy

This system is a complete client workflow designed to walk your client from the kickoff call to the farewell call seamlessly.

You’ll discover:

  • A simple client onboarding/management/offboarding system that will end the days of you reinventing the wheel with each new client.
  • How to improve your client experience so that your client will return again and again for your services. 
  • Upsell your client to your next offer without pushy high pressure sales tactics.

What's included:


Client Onboarding Workflow

  • Using the client management system, you’ll have a plug and play system that you can easily tweak to onboard your client.
  • Client onboarding checklist

Client Management Workflow

  • Using the client management system, you can consistently walk your clients through an amazing client experience with clear action steps and clear communication.
  • Weekly client management checklist

Client Offboarding Workflow

  • Client offboarding checklist

You'll walk away with:

  • A clear understanding of how to implement the onboarding system into your business right away.
  • A game plan to structure your weekly service delivery to your client's in a streamlined and repeatable way.
  • A path that you're excited to take action on: fully offboard your client or move them into your next offer.

Check out these amazing BONUSES!

Why do extra work when you could be growing your business? Through my tested process, I’ll help you find clarity in what you need and maximize your efforts from beginning to end.

Client Onboarding Made Easy

  • Welcome email template
  • Weekly client management email template

Enrollment Into Your Next Level

  • Email templates to help you upsell your client into your next service, Retreat or Mastermind.
  • You need these if your ideal clients are slipping through the cracks because you aren't ready to sell face to face.

The Ultimate Client Experience

A stand alone resource that is exactly what you need to take control of your client management experience.

Today's Price = $37

No more reinventing the wheel with each new client.

No more trying to figure out how to set up a client management system alone.


Today's Price = $37


I've got A's for your Q's

How do I know it's for me?

Do you offer 1-1 services or small group coaching and you deliver your services weekly over the course of a few weeks?

If so, then this is for you.

When can I use this?

📩 It will be delivered to your inbox shortly after the payment is made.

Do I need other tools to make this work?

Love this question! ❤️

Nope! If you're just getting started, learning proven systems and workflows are the best way to transition into being an efficient business owner. Bare minimum, you need Google Drive and an email service provider to get started.

After you're good with understanding what you need to create a high touch experience for your clients, you'll be ready to use all the tools and automate! Otherwise you will automate inefficiencies and broken processes (I don't want that for you).

Will I get to work with you?

I'm able to extend this offer at this super low price because I'm dropping these gems in your inbox only. 📩 There's no access to me with this offer.

If you want to dive deeper and work with me 1-1 to make data driven business decisions, 🧐 send me a DM on IG @iammarystewart or a quick email if that tickles your fancy.

Create the client experience your clients deserve. Use systems.

Get it today. All for $37!